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Kenyatta University, Kenya
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Kenyatta University, located in Nairobi, Kenya, runs an interdisciplinary clinic, in partnership with Strathmore University. Kenyatta University is the first TradeLab clinic to be run jointly by two different departments - School of Law and School of Economics - with law and economics students collaborating on all projects. Kenyatta School of Law delivers innovative legal education which is student-focused and research-led. It embraces an integrated philosophy of teaching, research and community service. Strathmore University holds a peerless reputation for quality in academic and professional education, as well as personal formation.

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Academic Supervisors

Academic Supervisors

Tomasz milej.jpg

Tomasz Milej

Kenyatta University, School of Law


Patricia Ouma

Strathmore University, School of Law


Caroline Kago

Kenyatta University, School of Law

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Francis Omondi

Kenyatta University, School of Economics


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